About Us

TOP NOTCH INTERIOR, is “sophisticated in style” and catches the innate appearance of a specific space which is frequently lost in very simple design.

And we associate comfort  and promptness with beauty and style in existent designs build without time pressure.

We aim to be familiar and charismatic and exclusive appearance of each residential and commercial space and upgrade it into an appreciative interior artistic!

“TOP NOTCH INTERIOR, will reveal to be magnetism instead of well known”. Presently, we are facing the large number of residential and commercial here in Qatar.

Residential & Commercial

Each residential project has own meaning need an incomparable way. We exerting effort to commit  each client  the individual thought significantly to figure out there needs. Their benefits and support us in build a home setting that are rarely theirs and matches the traits of the individual or family who exist within a home. We target on the visual response of actual in a room including  the blend of materials which pass the quality completed the definition of what they impression.

Assurance to be Work with us

TOP NOTCH has been existence and continues anticipated happened for almost 2 years of excellence  design team that cab produce  harmonious design in interior  field along  with their knowledge and experiences.

Skilled Workers

Client trustfulness can constantly produce by TOP NOTCH  employee experts that achieve the goals to be met and stay strong in industries.

Our team orderly handled issues with mind-set, fast and productive.

And we have an Italian expert employee who has been  the ability  and capacity  to design, lead, teach and share their knowledge to co-worker to build  and satisfy clients need.

Method of our Works

Afterwards, initial meeting presentation happened of limited instruction we produce an absolutely rare original presentation for the client: it is consist of 3D printed sample photo to visualize the meaning of the furniture outline and literal furniture, fabrics, flooring and curtain wall that we recommend using long- lasting and better price. Finally, client can chose and decide.